Miss South Dakota USA

Amber Hulse

Miss South Dakota USA 2023

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Born and raised amidst the untamed beauty of a hunting ranch in western South Dakota, Amber Hulse embodies the spirit of the wild, calling herself a “Cowgirl Politico”.

With a father who bravely served his country in Vietnam and is now a 100% disabled veteran, Amber's unwavering support for military service members and their families runs deep in her veins.

As a graduate of the University of South Dakota, she blazed a trail of excellence, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude with a degree in political science and non-profit studies.

Amber's insatiable hunger for knowledge led her to Georgetown Law, where she is currently shaping her legal career. In Washington, D.C., she embarked on a series of awe-inspiring endeavors. Her internship at the White House and clerkship with the Senate Judiciary Committee elevated her understanding of the inner workings of power. She also served as a clerk for the Virginia Attorney General, South Dakota Secretary of State, and esteemed members of Congress and the U.S. Senate.

Don't be fooled by her passion for politics alone - this self-proclaimed band nerd captivates audiences with her piano and guitar skills, adding a touch of harmony to her multifaceted persona.

As she forges her path toward an extraordinary future, Amber envisions a life dedicated to public service. Her sights are set on a career where she can create tangible change, she aims to unleash her formidable talents to uplift communities and empower individuals.